Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hell on Earth

Welcome To Hell
What this you say? This is going to be my page that I hope to have all things relating to my Hell on Earth Campaign that I currently am putting together, I hope to also have a podcast of it that I will upload of the session.  If my players agree to it that is.

The group meets Tuesday nights and are currently playing a Deadlands Campaign that Michael is running, it’s a new group to the game of Deadlands, and Michael is playing in my Monday night campaign based in a town that I called Redemption Rock.

You see I had this idea which stretches all the way back to when I first got Werewolf the Wild West. I had this idea that the mountain had a Wrym trapped inside and it was slowly corrupting the town by the gold that the minors would find.

I never did get to run it, but eventually last year I discovered my love of Deadlands the classic system not reloaded.  I have never liked the Savage worlds rules, they are a bit too rules lite for my tastes, and reloaded just seemed to lack anything. But then I discovered Classic and fell in love with the system; yes some bits a clunky but a good flavoursome clunky.

So decide to run Deadlands and I was adapting my idea, so instead of a wyrm it was a Manitou, so I set about creating my own setting with the idea that the Manitou wanted to enter the real world himself, so I found a map, in boomtown, set up the city and started to play.

Then I read Doomtown or Bust! Oh dam they already had a setting, and it was just too late to change it now, so I had to edit a lot of the Tombstone bits remove things from the setting and basically transpose Doomtown to Redemption Rock. I have learnt my lesion if I ever redid it I would just use Doomtown and save myself a lot of problems.

Any way after a while I started to look at Hell on earth thinking I do like the look of it, so I downloaded the pdfs of Drivethrurpg, and set about reading it, and yet again I fell in love with this setting as well. So over the past few months I been buy the dead tree version, and cutting and pasting all the Edges and Hindrances to word, and what have you, so when we do have the chargen session, I can just hand out printouts of the word docs I have made, so we don’t end up having to share one book between 4 or 5 players.

So far I have Brainstormed a few ideas, I really want the posse to head towards Junkyard and for there to be at the being a story involving a town or some sort of survivor settlement who are being harassed by a group of road warriors, maybe under the influence of a Black Hat.

But that’s all I have done so far I have a list of things to do…

Hell on Earth to do list.

To read
  • Cyborg
  • Brainburners
  • Children o' The Atom
  • Road Warrior
  • Last Crusaders
  • Junkman Cometh
  • Spirit Warriors
  • Waste Warriors

To do
  • List all Edges.
  • List all Mutation
  • List all Skills and descriptions
  • List of Concepts
  • List of All Sykers powers
  • List all Doomsayers power
  • List All Junkers Powers
  • List all Templars powers

So as you can see I have quite a task ahead of me, and I still have yet to do chargen and even put a framework together for the stories.

Talking of framework of a story I believe that’s mostly how I will do them just as a framework so bare bones of a story that I flesh out as I run. I already come up with underpinning plots like the possy journey to Junkyard, The possible shadow of the Combine army looming over. Once at junkyard the establishing themselves with a reputation in the city as people who are trusted. I defiantly want to run the posse through urban renewal.

Any way that’s all for now…


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