Friday, 14 October 2011

Our group has just started to play Unhallowed Metropolis

Last week I decided I needed a break from running games, I think I was burning myself out, as I have pretty much run games straight for about 5 years, so Paul offered to run Unhallowed Metropolis, which at the time I had no idea what it was about. On Monday 10th October we had the Chargen session. It seems a very cool game, very steampunk game. I decided to play a combat character, which everyone was shocked about as I usually don’t play combat characters, I sort of ripped of Solomon Kane, so he is an undertaker.

Anyway we should be having our first session this Monday which is good, as it gives me a chance to catch my breath and get this Hell on earth game sorted.

The Characters we have made

Craig – is playing a Detective – Killers, thieves, and inhuman abominations stalk the streets of London. Few are better equipped than you to root out them out and deliver them to justice.

Jon – is playing an Aristocrat – As a member of the aristocracy who rule the Unhal­lowed World, you must be charming and cruel in equal measure.

Michael – Is playing a Dhampir Vampire Hunter – Corrupted by the taint of vampiric infection, you are graceful, passionate, and deadly. None are more capable than you of dispatching the blood-drinking fiends that prey on humanity… And none take to the task with more pleasure.

And I am playing as an Undertaker – Licensed by the Office of Urban Defence, Un­dertakers hunt animates, vampires, and other Neo-Victorian abominations for bounties paid by the state. Armed to the teeth and tough as nails, you are a deadly combatant.

I will endeavor to post more about our characters once we have a full understanding of the group dynamics.

Here is a link to the company Website.