Friday, 26 August 2011

Dam it

Had a major blow dealt to me today by the tuesday people i play with.

I emailed Brian on 23 aug with this..
Brian is it too late of notice?
Basically after michael is done with Deadlands, i will be Running hell on earth, but i really need a session to put characters together with you lot, and to just run over a few bits.
Is Macus and Rich on FB do you know
and then i got this today...
Hi James, sorry it's taken so long to come back to you, I haven't been able to get hold of rich and Marcus until today. 
None of us are up for any rp after michaels, sorry. We tend to have breaks between rp anyway, but even so we had all been thinking about resurrecting our old d&d team for our next one. 
Hope you have a good weekend
So what shall I do, do i continue to develop the Campaign and run it for mondays?

Do i find a newer group to run it for? (which i find is always a hard thing to pull off as it so hard to find new reliable blood)



  1. Hi James,
    I think the best is to go for Mondays, is the safer and secure option.
    A known group is always better than a new unknow group. At least that would me my choice.

    Pablo Ignacio.

  2. Do you not find the breaks between rp a bit well strange?

  3. Hi again,
    Well... Breaks between rp? Not really. If one guy need a break is completely normal, but is strange a whole group doing breaks.
    My group is fairly constant in that matter. If one of the guys need a break its fine, but it doesn't mean the whole group should go for a break. Somehow sounds hilarious.

    Pablo Ignacio.